For Students: How to place a coursepack order

Published on Thursday 7 January 2021

We made this handy page for students to explain how to place a coursepack order through our website.

We will explain if a log in or an account is needed, how to find your coursepack, how to add items to your basket or cart, your shipping options, payment options, and what to do if you have a question. 

It's a simple process. We're here to help.  Let's get into it:

How to Start an Order

•No log in or account is needed to start an order. You can be on our site for the first time and just get started. 

•All of our products are listed on the main page on 

•Find your coursepack in the list and click it. You'll see the details for the product. All of our coursepack products are custom printed materials, so please be sure to check the details like "University", "Course", and "Instructor" and make sure they are are correct before you proceed.  

•Check the description too to see if your coursepack is available to be shipped where you are. Those details are listed in the description.

•The price of the coursepack is also displayed. The price is the cost of the coursepack, and does not include shipping or sales tax (6% for PA residents), which are displayed later.

•Click "Order a Print"

How To Check out

•Add your billing address. This should match your credit card billing address. This can be different than the shipping address. 

•Add your shipping address.  

Note: Some listings through this site are only offered for international addresses, while US domestic sales are offered through a bookstore on your campus. This information will be listed in the description. If your coursepack is only available for international sales, US addresses are not accepted at this step.

Shipping Options

Choose your shipping option from the list. (The offerings are listed in order of increasing shipping speed.) 

We currently offer the following shipping options:

USPS First Class International (1-3 Weeks)- Most affordable.
USPS International Priority (3-5 Days)
USPS International Express (1-3 Days)
UPS Worldwide Expedited (1-3 Days)

The description includes the shipping transit time once your coursepack has been printed. 

Printing time is additional. Shipping times are approximate and not guaranteed by 

Actual delivery times can vary based on local conditions in your country.


Before you pay, please review your:

• Shipping Detail
• Product Itemization
• Total

Forms of payment- We accept major credit cards and process through Stripe. If you use Google Pay or Apple Pay, those options will appear.

Your card will be charged by ""

Create an Account for Next Time

You don't need an account to use our site, but you have the option at the end of the transaction to store your email to create an account for next time. 

Questions or Problems?

If you have any issues using the site, please contact us here

Thank you from CourseWorks®.net


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